2020 show touring June to October..

 California, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado


Click on your location to be transfered to our secure online ticket platform. 

Showtimes by location – check the ticket page for full showtime and promotion details.   

You may also purchase tickets at the ticket office wagon open at each location starting 2 days before each show run from 10am-5pm and 1 hour before each showtime.  Please be advised,  we cannot guarantee availability at the door!  Tickets purchased with cash or check are free of service charges. 

Advance ticket prices end at 6am on the first day of each show run. 

Refunds require a minimum of 48 hour notice.  

Ticket exchanges can be made pending seating availability.  To make ticket changes email to circus@flynncreekcircus.com or come by the ticket wagon.  Please note, we are not able to make ticket transfers once the original ticket showing has past.

Contact us for further information or check our our FAQs.  Please note that response time is slower on our travel days!

June 18-21

July 16-19

Aug 6-9

Aug 28-30

Sept 17-19

Oct 8-11

July 1-5

July 23-26

Aug 13-16

Sept 4-7

Sept 24-27

Oct 15-18

July 8-11

July 30-Aug 2

Aug 20-23

Sept 10-13

Oct 1-4

Oct 22-25


We are taking this opportunity to train our staff and update our practices.  

What we are doing to protect our patrons and prevent the further spread of contagions now and moving into the future? 

WE ARE limiting ticket sales to insure personal space in our seating areas based on CDC guidelines

WE ARE providing Hand sanitizer at the entrance of our tent.

WE ARE Sanitizing all seating and public areas before and after each showing.

WE ARE working on launching a new Online ticket to private viewing live stream for our patrons who need to stay at home.

WE ARE doing everything we can to keep our staff and public safe.  Please help us by staying informed on following all the CDC, State and local guidelines.

STAFF IS adhering to strict CDC safety guidelines requiring frequent hand washing, limited public exposure, use of gloves in customer exchange areas, immediate reporting, and preseason 14-day quarantine of staff to insure contagions have not unwittingly been carried from overseas or nearby communities.