Flynn Creek Circus Presents an all new show for 2019.  Tickets are not yet available.  More information coming soon.  

2019 tour ‘Out of Hat’

Touring from June to September 2019

June 10-14-Ukiah Camp, Giorno Park

June 14-16- ‘Out of Hat’, Ukiah, CA

June 19-21- Morgan Hill day camp

June 20-23- ‘Out of Hat’, Morgan Hill, CA

June 26-30-Mendocino Camp, Friendship Park

July 2-6- ‘Out of Hat’, Mendocino, CA

July 8-12- TBA camp

July 11-14- ‘Out of Hat’, TBA, CA

July 18-21- ‘Out of Hat’, TBA, CA

July 25-28- ‘Out of Hat’, Sausalito, CA

Aug 1-4- ‘Out of Hat’, Santa Rosa, CA

Aug 8-11- ‘Out of Hat’, Point Arena, CA

Aug 15-18- ‘Out of Hat’, TBA, CA

Aug 22-25- ‘Out of Hat’, TBA, CA

Aug 30- Sept 2- ‘Out of Hat’, Fort Bragg, CA

Sept 5-8- ‘Out of Hat’, Fortuna, CA

Sept 12-15- ‘Out of Hat’, Corvallis, OR

More dates coming soon!