Typical Layout

Flynn Creek Circus Big Top Tent is 120′ x 80′ feet oval tent.  A complete footprint of 150′ x120′ of level ground is needed to include the guy lines, stake lines and main mast footings.

The exterior is red and white striped.  The interior is a dark blue with red stars in the canopy where the quarter poles meet the ceiling.  Side walls, interior and exterior show aging and are perfect for a vintage look.

The interior of the tent has 2 main masts centered 40′ apart.  There are an additional 12 ‘quarter poles’ throughout the interior and 36 wooden side poles along the side walls of the tent.  The side walls are 10′ high and the tent slopes up to a maximum height of 33′ in the 40 foot center span between the main masts.

The vinyl material manufactured in the U.S. by Anchor Industries is inherently non-inflammable.

This tent is suitable for rigging circus acts and like attractions, is structurally sound and capable of withstanding moderate weather conditions.

There are many considerations when erecting a big top.  Please contact us for further consultation.

 Click here to view photos of the tent.