Frequently asked questions:

Do you have Animals? No,… well technically yes since humans are animals.  Flynn Creek Circus features an all human line up of skilled performers.

Do you have clowns?  No,.. well, technically yes.  Our clowns are hilarious for children and adults, but they may not be recognizable as the traditional ‘red nose’ clown.  The comedy in the show has it’s roots in the rich traditions of circus clowing, but is also a departure from the typical presentation.  If you love clowns, you love our ‘clowns’.  If you hate clowns, you will love our ‘clowns’.

How long is the show? The show is live and audience inspired so there will be minor variation in actual show length from show to show. It is approximately 2 hours with a 15 minute intermission.

Can I purchase tickets at the door? Yes. Our ticket booth is located at the venue.  Tickets are available through the ticket wagon both for advance and door sales. The ticket service fees are charged for credit card sales regardless of online or at the door purchase.  There is no service fee for cash or check.

What is your refund policy?  Your tickets are fully refundable before 48 hours of the show time.  If you have an unexpected cancellation within 48 hours before the show, you can transfer your tickets to another showing or gift them to another party.

Can I bring my young children? Yes!  The atmosphere is informal and it is easy to make a quick ‘screaming baby’ exit without the embarrassment of disturbing other patrons. The show material is appropriate and engaging for all ages except for the select ‘Adult Only’ shows where children are not permitted.

Is there food and drinks available to purchase? Yes! Cash is easier, but card service is available.  

Is the circus wheel chair accessible? Yes! Flynn Creek Circus is ADA compliant.  If you would like to remain in your wheelchair during the show, we can reserve space for you or you can make your way into the tent where you will find the marked  wheelchaire reserve. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to showtime if you require assistance. Notify our ticket booth staff and a dedicated helper will get you seated comfortably.  Please note:  our events are held in grassed park.  There will be unlevel terrain.

Is there bleacher seating? No. Our seating is a combination of garden benches and folding chairs. All of our seating has back rests. The stage is lifted for easy viewing anywhere in the bigtop.

Is there a child VIP price? No.  The price for VIP is the same regardless of age.  However, VIP seating is sold as 2 adults per bench. The benches are large enough to fit 2 adults and a child.  If you are 2 adults bringing one small child, your child can sit with you at your bench without ticket purchase.  Any unticketed children must sit at a bench with 2 accompanying adults.  VIP packages (popcorn, programs, drinks, etc…) are per ticket.

When can we enter the bigtop? We open the tent to the public 45 minutes before the show. Seating is general admission with the exception of VIP Front Row seating.

Do you have group discounts? Yes! Please contact our ticket office directly for assistance with groups of 15 or more.

If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to contact us via email at, come by our ticket office or call (707) 684-9389.