moscow with oleg

Daring Jones Duo, Claudius Specht and Oleg of Duo Privet at the Moscow Festival, 2013

Daring Jones Duo of Flynn Creek Circus wins the bronze medal at the Prestigious Nikulin International Circus Festival in Moscow Russia, Sept 2013. Held in the oldest circus building in the world and steeped in circus history, the Nikulin festival is regarded as among the most prestigious circus competitions. The trapeze duo competed with acts ranging from world class jugglers to elephants doing one arm handstands. They are both surprised and pleased with their success in the festival. ‘The Nikulin Theatre is the most beautiful circus I’ve ever seen. It was an honor just to perform in that space and we are very humbled by our award as well!’, said Blaze Birge of Daring Jones Duo.