38th Monte Carlo International Circus Festival

It was a great honor to participate in this historic circus event.  We were amazed at the quality of all the artists.  Congratulations to all who competed and thank you to the wonderful festival...

In Memory of Reggie ‘Puddin’ Moore

We want to express our deepest sorrow at the unexpected loss of our dear friend, Reggie Moore.  He was an incredibly talented singer, acrobat and babysitter! We will never forget you Reggie!    

Bronze medal in Moscow!

Daring Jones Duo of Flynn Creek Circus wins the bronze medal at the Prestigious Nikulin International Circus Festival in Moscow Russia, Sept 2013. Held in the oldest circus building in the world and steeped in circus history, the Nikulin festival is regarded as among...

Website Proof Contest

Thank you to all for the tremendously helpful responses. Many of you found errors that we didn’t know were there! We are still working out the kinks in our site right now, but thanks again. …And to the winners, enjoy your posters!