‘Almost Fringe’ Festival Ball 2018 

‘Topless Tapas’

April 14, Crown Hall, Village of Mendocino

Stay tuned for exciting details and ticket release coming soon….

The sweet nostalgia of a high school prom superimposed over a gritty end of the world landscape….

In cooperation with the Mendocino County ‘Almost’ Fringe Festival, Flynn Creek Circus presents the 2nd annual Fringe Festival Ball.  While keeping with the 2017 theme, the 2018 Ball promises extra surprises, more entertainment and even more fun…

‘Dystopian Prom’ is a one of a kind entertainment event featuring interactive survival games, DJ music, an occasional awkward ‘slow’ dance, circus performances and the much anticipated ‘Anti Prom King and Queen contest’. Dress your best and adorn with survival gear for the apocalypse of your choosing.

Race the Circus team up a rope while the Armageddon Cheerleading Squad cheers you on. Test your sharp shooting skills at the training range and win your sweetie a prize. Dunk ruined politicians. Bring a sharpened sense of humor, get your dance on and party like there’s literally no tomorrow!

21 and over only. Tickets for 2018 are not available yet…